Thursday, 20 September 2012


A few shots from a few years ago with my old D50. The morning after a wedding, with all my memory cards full. i stumbled upon this battle for territory. So engrosed in the fight they did not notice me. I was able to deleate a few raw files & switch over to jepg. I also switched lens, thankfull i had lugged around a long lens with me the day previous, i didn't think i would need it, but you never know!! My monopod had spent the night in the car, so i had to shoot unsupported, which explains why they are a little soft.

The girl with me begged me repeatedly to intervene & while uncomfortable about doing so, it was the direction we were heading. When i stepped between them one moved back slightly while his opponent charged stright at my black shoes. The red mist had decended, not to be outdone number two did likewise. I was informed they were still fighting two days later.

Just wondering how other people feel about intervening with wildlife in such situations, or if like me thinking that while nature can be cruel, it is best to leave it be.

Just a reminder to keep your camera near by, you never know what is around the next corner.

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